Gus......What the Hell is a Goonie-goo-who?

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Gus......What the Hell is a Goonie-goo-who? Empty Gus......What the Hell is a Goonie-goo-who?

Post  agent on Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:25 pm

name: Agentblade
jobs 85+: BLM BLU PLD SAM SMN 90
current ls: Reunions
why sharktopus??????? I hear you guys like to punish Nm's as much as i do
What is a manatees favorite food? Steve "The Crocodile Hunter"?
have you ever had pumpkin pie in september? why yes i have, when my cooking hit 75 with guild support :p
feelings on the current state of the war in alaska: ahhhh, my fuzzy friends to the north-west keeping the commies at bay
if you were 5/6 on stone of balance, and dimmu was 0/6... and you were the greatest blm in the history of the game... would you lot that stone over dimmu? I think the question is "Would dimmu lot over me?" not because im the greatest lvl 1 pup in the history of the game, but because im 5/6 on stones.
a train is moving west at 55 yalms a minute departing at 5:03 pm est from manahawken nj, at the same moment a sharktopus is departing from tibet traveling at standard sharktopus speeds, who would be the first to do the dishes? the train for sure if it doesnt have to stop for pee breaks
are you a cheertator? Im gonna have to say NO since im not sure, but it sounds like something i should be tested for
4+11+? = Im sorry but i forgot how to do BEDMAS
most important spell in a rdm spell list? The spell i ask for when im tankin
would you be willing to play ffxiv to save sombodys life in rl? Depends if they play ffxiv, if so then no
"hey guys, this mob kinda drops this one thing that like i kinda wants if nobody else wants"
is a quote from what current sharktopus member? What is Chuck Norris' Beard fist Alex for 300 points?
sharktopus is currently invite only, so you just wasted like 4 minutes k cya.. HA took me 5 mins...... i know i suck :p


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