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Post  Malphius on Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:11 pm

name: Malphius
jobs 85+: THF, WHM, BLM, MNK, WAR, DRG
current ls: Eden
why sharktopus???????: Cause I see sharktopus getting shit done!
have you ever had pumpkin pie in september?: I grow pumpkins year round just so I can have pumpkin pie every day of the year.
feelings on the current state of the war in alaska: the tragic state of sarah palin vs polar bears is indeed a sad one. I can only hope that the polar bears team up with the aurora borealis to destroy that bitch.
if you were 5/6 on stone of balance, and dimmu was 0/6... and you were the greatest blm in the history of the game... would you lot that stone over dimmu? I have an infinite bag of stones of balance.
a train is moving west at 55 yalms a minute departing at 5:03 pm est from manahawken nj, at the same moment a sharktopus is departing from tibet traveling at standard sharktopus speeds, who would be the first to do the dishes? I'm not 15. I can do chores when I want to.
are you a cheertator? No.
4+11+? 18
most important spell in a rdm spell list? Meteor II and Refresh X
would you be willing to play ffxiv to save sombodys life in rl? lolno
"hey guys, this mob kinda drops this one thing that like i kinda wants if nobody else wants"
is a quote from what current sharktopus member? No but it is a quote from an Eden member.
sharktopus is currently invite only, so you just wasted like 4 minutes k cya. I'm inviting myself hookers. Give me a pearl.


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I wanna do stuffs Empty Re: I wanna do stuffs

Post  vestal on Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:52 am

i think i wanna put my foot in sarah palins vagina
you come kill things this weekend and well see how much you hate us


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