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congratulations! Empty congratulations!

Post  tarree on Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:40 pm

jan 1st
Rev: jewel of wieldance X10,

Runey: blm hands seals finished!!

Carifree: Bale earring nin earring Kriegsmesser sword

Vit: Kriegsmesser sword,angr harpe,pld body seals X2

YV: rdm hand seals X5, Angr harpe, cor seals X4, brd body X6 ,ardor coin

Ataru: blm hand seals X1, stone of wieldance X6, Angr harpe, ardor stone

Darkiniongr: Angr harpe, callers hands X3

Merow: Stone of wieldance X2

Tarree: Angr harpe whm body seals X2

Stinson: stone of wieldance X3

Herro: pld seals X2, ardor stone

Sold drk earring!!!
Wyn: Angr harpe


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